FMW Fasteners can provide MTRs on all domestic bolting material as well as A325 and L9 structural bolting. To request certifications, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on this link.

  2. Provide us with your sales order number (SH****) and submit your request.

We will review your original order and process your request! Please allow 48 hours for email delivery.

Side Note:

Why can't we offer MTRs on non-structural grade material? Two words...lot control. 

In our business model we sell the vast majority of our inventory by the piece. This allows you to purchase in the quantities you need. It allows you to have control. We've talked to many of you about this and the overwhelming response has been that buying by the piece is preferable. 

The one downside to selling buy the piece is that it isn't economically feasible to do lot control on low cost parts like nuts, bolts and screws. Lot control is required in order to provide accurate test reports on specific batches of material. 

Structural material that we sell only in bulk quantities is naturally lot controlled by the way in which it is sold, which allows us to offer certifications at no charge on that type of material. 😊

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